1. UP @ The VIP Wenjiang Festival Gala - Acton UP Season 2, Episode 1
    actonup.ca facebook.com/up.communicate For The Season 2 Premiere of Acton UP, we are at the Wending VIP Gala. The event was a chance to celebrate the joining of 2 vastly different cultures. The Evening featured a slew of performances, including, Wang Mengnan of the Sichuan opera, A YI Lin Fang , a chinese national dancer, Jennifer Centrone a Canadian Opera singer. Schools from both Halton Hills and Wenjiang and lots more.
    actonup.ca facebook.com/up.communicate On this episode of Acton UP we speak with Councillor Bryan Lewis, and Mayor Rick Bonnette who wrap up The Wenjiang Festival for us. Then Mayor Bonnette introduces us to someone, who turns out to be the BEST interview. Kevin Best "Mish Kid" has a facinating story to tell. We talk China, his parents, and sustainibility in Halton Hills.
  3. Kindergarten with Kathleen- Premier Wynne Visits Acton's MSB School - Acton UP Season 2 Episode 3
    actonup.ca facebook.com/up.communicate On this episode of Acton UP, we meet Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister Indira Naidoo-Harris during their tour of a Kindergarten classroom at Mackenzie Smith Bennett (MSB) in Acton. We read a story, play cars , and get an exclusive interview.
  4. A Very Acton Christmas -Acton Santa Claus Parade -Season 2 Episode 4 - Acton UP
    actonup.ca facebook.com/up.communicate On this episode of Acton UP, we are at the 2017 Acton Santa Clause Parade. We announce the floats, get a view of the crowd, and ask children what they would like for Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
  5. The Lights Before Christmas - Light UP The Hills - Season 2 Episode 5 - Acton UP
    actonup.ca www.facebook.com/up.communicate T'was the lights before Christmas, it was cold and chilled, and Acton came together, too Light UP The Hills. There was Councillor Albano, and old Kris Kringle, Holiday spirit and Christmas jingles We Heard, St Josephs Choir and The Citizen's Band, and Evensong and Monty, played for the land...
  6. Acton UP's Top 10 Videos 2017 Season 2 Episode 6
    actonup.ca facebook.com/up.communicate Happy New Years!!! In 2017 Acton UP created 18 episodes and 27 videos overall. (25 on our youtube) Providing over 12 hours of covering our community. This could not have been possible without the amazing support we received from our town when starting. On this episode, we go through our Top Ten Videos based on view count. What do you think will be number 1? Glasses UP to 2018 (Honorable mention to our last video "The Lights Before Christmas" which would have made it, but was not above enough views at our time of producing this video.)
  7. Locked UP in Acton's Oldest Jail - Acton Town Hall - Acton UP S2 E7
    Actonup.ca facebook.com/up.communicate On this episode of Acton UP, we meet up with Lloyd McIntyre from the Acton Town Hall Centre learn more about this significant Acton landmark. Built in 1883, the Town Hall went from centre of Acton's social life to being condemned, to being saved by Heritage Acton and returning to the centre of day-to-day Acton life. We learn about the Hall's ghost, go to jail and find the most comfortable chair in Acton. Stay tuned! Thanks for watching Acton UP!
  8. UP at The Acton Legion - Acton UP- S2 E8
    Actonup.ca facebook.com/up.communicate On this Episode of Acton UP we are at branch 197 for the Royal Canadian Legion in Acton. We get a tour from The President Peggy Graham, find out about their new tank and APC and have a darts competition.
  9. UP @ The 7th Annual Knox Artist Benefit Concert
    actonup.ca facebook.com/up.communicate On this episode of Acton UP, we visit the Seventh Annual Knox Church Arts Benefit Show. We talk with headliner Wes Mason, who CBC Searchlight Competition 2016 selected as one of the “Top 20 artists under 20”. We also see the Robert Little Glow Choir, Acton High School’s Jazz Band, Leanne Monaghan from Staying Alive Fitness, Heather Mascarin, the Hazzards, Natalie Longpre, and the Acton Town Hall Players. Thanks for watching Acton UP!
  10. FIRE ESCAPE!!! at The Acton Winter Carnival - Acton UP - S2 E10
    actonup.ca facebook.com/up.communicate On this episode of Acton UP, we are at The 2018 Acton Winter Carnival. The Acton BIA organized the day filled with fun and excitement. We escape a fire at the carnival, eat maple syrup, play battleship with Councillor Mike Albano, talk to K9 vison hosting the dog sleds, speak with the new BIA Manager Dianne Gowland, have Mark Burger from Halton Hills Fire Department teach us about fire safety, run into laptop troubles, and more...
  11. UP @ The Acton Fire Station - S2 E11
    actonup.ca facebook.com/up.communicate On this episode of Acton UP, we are at the Acton Fire Station for the Halton Hills Fire Department. We get a tour of the station and their history room, get an interview with Harry Olivieri and Steve Mcknight, both veterans of over 30 years, and have a race with Riley Mcgilloway to see who can put on their fire equipment faster, and more.
  12. $30,000,000 and 150KG of GOLD - SCAMS AND FRAUDS Acton UP Season Finale S2 E12
    actonup.ca facebook.com/up.communicate On our Season 2 Finale of Acton UP. We visit the fringe of the world of fraud and scams. We travel from Acton to Georgetown, to Oakville and back, to find out all the information we can about scams and frauds from Sarah Rudall at the Scams and fraud unit from the Halton Regional Police, before dealing with a scammer of our own.